1979 Gemany - Rock Pop
approx 4 minutes
Humble Stance

1981 Germany - Rock Pop
approx 4 minutes
Too Much To Lose

1983 USA - MTV Fast Forward
approx 30 minutes
Interview with Michael Sadler, Jim Crichtion (note: With excerpts of Saga's video clips)

1983 Germany - Interview with Thomas Gottschalk and Michael Sadler
approx 5 minutes
note: With excerpts of The Flyer

1985 Germany - Peter´s Pop Show
approx 9 minutes
What Do I Know, Take A Chance

1986 Canada - Much Music
Interview with Jim Gilmour, Steve Negus
note: Video clip The Flyer

1987 Germany - Peter's Pop Show
approx 10 minutes
Don´t Put Out The Fire, Only Time Will Tell

1989 Germany - DSF
Interview with Michael Sadler and excerpts of Saga's video clips.

1990 Germany - RTL (Ragazzi) Tour-Report
approx 10 minutes
Band-interview and live excerpts from the show in Bonn - Biskuithalle.
Video-Clip: Only Time Will Tell

2001 Germany - Hessen 3
07.07.2001 - "Sound of Frankfurt", Frankfurt, Germany
approx 42 minutes
The Runaway, Wind Him Up, Humble Stance, The Flyer, The One, Timebomb, Don't BeLate, On The Loose.

2003 Germany - rcn tv
On the Loose, Careful where you step, The one. Interview with SAGA

2003 Germany - ZDF-Kultnacht - RockPop
Humble Stance (1980)

2005 Canada
21.10.2005 - TV Appearance City TV, Toronto, CA (Brian Doerner's first show)

2005 Germany
13.11.2005 - TV Appearance SAT 1, Germany "Hit Giganten"

2006 Canada
12.01.2006 - TV Appearance Smith'n Hayes, Hamilton, CA, Michael Sadler and Jim Gilmour
17.01.2006 - TV Appearance Inside Jam, Toronto, CA, Michael Sadler

2011 Germany SWR 1
11.08.2011 - TV Appearance, Mainz Coface Arena, 11.08.2011 - Interview


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