Released 2003 (DVD)

Michael Sadler: Vocals, Keys
Jim Crichton: Bass, Keys
Ian Crichton: Guitars
Jim Gilmour: Lead Keys, Vocals
Steve Negus: Drums, Percussion

Marathon World Tor 2003 - The Official Bootleg

Live in Stuttgart Germany

1. On The Loose
2. The Flyer
3. How Are You
4. Mouse In A Maze
5. Images
6. Don't Be Late
7. Tired World
8. No Stranger
9. Worlds Apart
10. Humble Stance
11. You're Not Alone
12. Wind Him Up

Bonus Features:

Marathon Tour Photo Gallery
Rise and Shine acoustic
Marathon "live at the Berns"
TV Performance of On the Loose

This DVD project came together when during a break in the touring of the "Marathon World Tour". The Band started to review the untold hours of video and thousands of photos from the tour. None of the video or photos had been shot with the intention of a DVD in mind but after reviewing all of this, the possibility was raised and the editing began.

On this "Bootleg DVD" you see the band in true live form, in fact there are no corrections or overdubs on this show, many of the times the band did not even have the knowledge that the camera had been rolling until after the show was complete.

The "Marathon World Tour" has covered over dozen countries and more shows than the band has performed in several years.




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