Released 27.04.2007 (D-CD)

Michael Sadler: lead vocals, keyboards and bass guitar
Jim Gilmour: keyboards, clarinet and vocals
Ian Crichton: guitars
Brian Doerner: dums
Jim Crichton: bass guitar and keyboards
Steve Negus: drums (on DVD 2)


CD 1

1. The Pitchman
2. Give 'em The Money
3. You're Not Alone
4. See Them Smile
5. The Runaway
6. Ice Nice
7. On The Loose
8. Wind Him Up
9. Amnesia
10. Framed

CD 2

1. Time's Up
2. The Interview
3. No Regrets
4. Conversations
5. No Stranger
6. Scratchig The Surface
7. Keep It Reel
8. We've Been Here Before
9. Humble Stance
10. Don't Be Late
11. How Long
12. Careful Where You Step

Total Time 81:00

  All songs written by SAGA

Recorded by Markus Teske (

5.1. stereo mixing by Jim Crichton at Sound Image Studios, Los Angeles

Mastered by Peter van't Riet (

DVD filmed and edited by Eject TV (

Worlds Apart Revisited documentary by Mike Filsinger

DVD conceived and compiled by Oliver Mensing

Additional research by Susi Zirnik (

Collector's items provided by Susi Zirnik Oliver Mensing

Photos by Penny Crichton, Susi Zirnik, Stefan Becker, Harald Schult and Wolfgang Schmitt

Original cover artwork by Shoot That Tiger! London, England / Paul Cemmick / John Berg / David Kennedy / Shostal Accociates

Design and layout by Thomas Ewerhard (

The Band Would Like To Thank:
Nathan Hawkins, Kaitlyn, Alex and Joy Crichton, Kate and Rob James, Al Selinger, Michael Dürrschmidt, DMC concerts, Advil, Beer, the cat.
Gwen Sadler and daughter Jessica, Wife Rose, daughter Amy and the Doerner family, Penny and Chris Crichton, Denise, Steve Negus, Thomas Waber, Oliver Mensing, Jim Pitulski, Andi Charal, Susi Zirnik, Tattianna Oscarson, Dean Meehan, Stephan Fuchs, Mike Filsinger, Marty Eberhardt, Chris May, Matt Lavella, Cam Buttler, Sam Boyd, Mike Kearny and Fantom Fingers Studio, Frank Woidich and Korg, Musik Meyer, Sabian Cymbals, Peter Diezel, Peter Stapfer and Diezel Amplification, Ernie Ball, Music Man, AKG, Gretsch Drums, Moog Music

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