Released 23.01.2009 (D-CD)

 Michael Sadler: Lead vocals & Keyboards
Jim Gilmour: Main Keyboards & Vocals
Ian Critchon: Guitar
Jim Critchon: Bass & Keyboards
Brian Doerner: Drums


 CD 1

1. The Interview (4:57)
2. That's As Far As I'll Go (4:42)
3. You're Not Alone (6:56)
4. I'm Ok (6:06)
5. Can't You See Me Now (6:17)
6. Book Of Lies (6:31)
7. The Perfectionist (7:07)
8. Drum Solo (5:12)
9. The Flyer (4:16)
10. Mind Over Matter (5:22)
11. The Security Of Illusion (2:11)
12. Time's Up (2:12)
13. Piano Solo (1:37)
14. Scratching The Surface (3:29)

CD 2

15. We've Been Here Before (5:52)
16. On The Air (7:02)
17. On The Loose (4:37)
18. Careful Where You Step (5:27)
19. 10,000 Days (5:09)
20. Wind Him Up (7:07)
21. Humble Stance (5:37)
22. Don't Be Late (8:14)
23. What's It Gonna Be? (4:29)

Total Time 120:29

 Special Thanks

Kaitlyn, Alex, Joy Crichton, Nathan Hawkins, Andrew, Will, Kate, Shannon Crichton, Tom Srebrnjak, Lori Derkach, Andor Petras, Brian Farrell, Roc, Kate, Mathew, Stephan James, Metalworks Studios, Dean Meehan Tech, Al Paquette Lightning Director, Frank Wolter, Tour Manager Susi Mueller, Chris Katz, Lori van Opstal, Jim Tagietti, Mike Filsinger, Music Man Guitars, Peter Diezel, Peter Stapfer, Diezel Amps, Ernie Ball, Behringer, Moog Synthesizers, Frank Woidich and Korg, Joe Zon at Zon Base Guitars.
Chris Sutherland thanks, The love of my life, Meladee Gammelseter. My incredible gear companies, Scott Atkins and Thomas Barth at Sonor Drums, Terry Ryan an Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks. My friends Brian Doerner (You rock Bro!), Tommy Noack, Randy Black, The Urge, The Saga Crew for taking such good care of us. Ian, Jim, Daryll and Michael for welcoming me into their incredible journey, and the amazing Saga! Cheers and thank you! Michael Dürrschmidt, DMC concerts, Ulrike Randolph, Jay Lansford and all at SPV. Thomas Waber and Oliver Mensing at InsideOut Music, and all the SAGA fans around the world!

Live - Muffathalle - Munich - Germany - 12M 5D 2007Y
Mastered by Peter van't Riet at Fine Tune Mastering Studio, The Netherlands (
Munich live sound recorded by Markus Teske (
All photos taken by Rainer Coordes (www.photoinmotionde)
Munich show filmed by Eject-TV (
DVD coordiation by Oliver Mensing (InsideOut Music)

Art Direction
Illustration: Warren Flanagan - - Graphic Design: Patrick Zahorodniuk  


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