Released: 2005 (CD)

Ian Crichton: Guitar
Jim Gilmour: Lead Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Sadler: Vocals, Keyboards
Steve Negus: Drums, Percussion
Jim Crichton: Bass, Bass Keyboards


Disc 1

01. Images (Chapter 1) (5:03)
02. Don't be late (Chapter 2) (6:27)
03. It's time (Chapter 3) (4:09)
04. Will it be you? (Chapter 4) (6:27)
05. No regrets (Chapter 5) (3:48)
06. Tired world (Chapter 6) 6:36)
07. Too much to lose (Chapter 7) (3:18)
08. No stranger (Chapter 8) (6:23)

Disc 2

01. Remember when? (Chapter 9) (5:24)
02. Not this way (Chapter 10) (2:57)
03. Ashes to ashes (Chapter 11) (4:37)
04. You know I know (Chapter 12) (4:01)
05. Uncle Albert's eyes (Chapter 13) (4:55)
06. Streets of gold (Chapter 14) (4:11)
07. We'll meet again (Chapter 15) (5:40)
08. World's apart (Chapter 16) (6:44)

Total Time: 01:22:06

Produced by: Jim Crichton

Engineered by: Jim Crichton
Mixed by: Jim Crichton / Assisted by Michael Sadler
Mixed at: Sound Image Studios. Van Nuys, California
Mastered by: Brian Foraker; Autumnwood Mastering, Nashville, TN.

Cover concept by: Jim Crichton
Illustrations by: Eric Fulghum
Cover by: Penny Crichton
All songs written by: SAGA

From The Chapters Live

The process of creating this album began in 1978, in Toronto, Canada. The Chapters were originally released over eight studio albums, and were purposely mixed up to create an ongoing puzzle. It is most likely the only album that ever took twenty-eight years to write and record. Two main ingredients inspired the story itself. The Cold War, and an article I read about how Albert Einstein's brain had been preserved and was now residing at the home of Thomas S. Harvey, M.D., the pathologist who performed the autopsy on Einstein in 1955. The reason that Harvey ended up with Einstein's brain was unclear, but the idea that the mind that unlocked the mystery of the atom was being kept on a shelf in someone's house was the spark that inspired the concept for the Chapters. For the past twenty-eight years Saga has enjoyed the pleasure of hearing many variations of the story from the fans, who have meticulously put the puzzle back together. Some of their concepts that I have heard are far off the mark, but incredibly powerful and imaginative story lines. They could be made into novels themselves. So, without giving away the story completely, here are some clues: As the Chapters begin, the Earth is being observed by extraterrestrials that are becoming concerned about our path toward self-destruction. They realize that they have to find someone on Earth they can communicate with to help turn the situation around. Someone very intelligent. They soon learn the person they were looking for had died ("Images" Chapter 1). They also find out that his brain had been preserved, so they decided the only way to save us from ourselves was to bring him back to life ("It's time" Chapter 3).
Having done so with Einstein's help, they proceed to do everything they can to prevent us from what, in their eyes, seemed to be in the inevitable. They also created a backup plan just in case their efforts failed. ("World's apart" Chapter 16). I think that's probably enough said. I don't want to give the whole thing away because then all of your stories will stop, and for Saga, that has been a big part of the process of creating the Chapters.
The band would like to thank all of you that have been involved in the Chapters over the years. KEEP THOSE STORIES COMING.
P.S. The Chapters revolve around what we are doing to the planet, and ourselves, so there may be more Chapters on the way.
Thanx everyone! It's been a lot fun so far...

Special thanks to: SPV - Manfred Schuetz, Ulrike Rudolph, Jay Lansford, Korg & More, Music Meyer - Frank Woidich, Thomas Tuerling, Frank Sawusch / Ernie Ball Music Man - Juergen Klier / Korg Canada - Jam Industries Canada - Michael Golden / Coach Service - Clemens Behle / Edwin Ammerlaan / The Agency Group - Derek Kemp, Ralph James / Morrison Travel - Alan Stewart. Hille Hillekamp, Christian Simpson, Miki Dee, Curt Cress.

Joy, Nathan, Kaitlyn, Alex, Chris Crichton, Dave Armstrong, Gwen Sadler and Jessica Luckey, Denise Leggatt, John Satai, Derreck Lee, Marty, Cathy, Miles & Mark Eberhardt, Dave Chatfield, Carlos Camunas, Junior Ortz, Ruben Ruiz, Mike Stelzig, Hohner, Volker Wagner, Jan Duwe, Alexandra Stachowski, and all at Behringer; Al Selinger, Glen Booth, Rob & Kate James.
Very Special Thanks to: Geoff Kent and Mike Filsinger for making it happen, and thanks to Cale Gontier for making everything else happen.
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