SAGA - Network

These guys have released over 15 albums so far and the roots of the band go way back in time. Their new album doesn't hold any surprises for their fans. They are still playing their melodic rock with some progressive influences and they are still playing it well. The problem is that this album must be one of their most indifferent albums ever. A typical album where everything is predictable and where the music follows a pretty much predefined path with few, if none at all, twists and surprises. There's no doubt that there are some nice melodies in the album and there's no doubt that the musicianship is good enough to impress at certain parts, but there's something missing. Its this spark, this little something special, that separates an average album from a good album and I simply can't find it in their new album. To be honest I expected something better form a band that has proved in the past that it can do much better than this. Only for their fans, although I think that even some of them will be disappointed.



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