SAGA - Full Circle

SPV 085 21462
Saga's first studio album in a few years and the follow-up to the double live "Detours". It's the same old team we've come to know and love over the last twenty odd years and yet, with this album, we have probably one of their most accessible albums.

Michael Sadler is once again in fine form: however, no matter how talented a vocalist you are only as good as the songs. On this album, thankfully, there are loads of good songs and most have the potential to make the transition from great album track to great live number, particularly "A Night To Remember". Thoughtful, intelligent lyrics set to great musicical accompaniment.

There must be something about the name of the band or maybe the cover art that puts off English music fans, but if there was any justice they would be up there with Yes and Genesis.

The final track "Goodbye" is Michael Sadler's favourite and it's easy to see why. There's more passion and feeling in this track than some bands manage in an entire career. If that doesn't make you go out and buy this album then you've got no soul. Highly recommended.


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