Okay, it's time to let my Canadian nationality show a bit. No, I am not going to write about Rush or hockey or beer (though don't count those out for the future). No, I am talking about the Canadian prog rock band known as Saga.

They existed in the 80s alongside FM as Canadian new wave/prog rock bands, putting out some great albums such as Worlds Apart and Head Or Tails. Sadly, their impact beyond the Great White North was never very much at all, outside of Germany where they seem to be quite popular, and the world at large missed out on some pretty cool music. I had no idea they were still around and making music, but apparently they are – a fact I was alerted to yesterday when I noticed earMusic had uploaded a new song from the band.

The new song is called "Let It Slide" and it will be on the band's forthcoming 22nd(!) album titled Sagacity. The strength of Saga has been their basslines and the interesting and unique feel to their songs, and "Let It Slide" does a good job keeping that original sound after all this time. The bass groove is very reminiscent of their classic "Wind Him Up" but the song overall feels more laid back and almost funky than their older material. The synthesizer solo section is really cool as well, mixed with a guitar line it sounds quite full of life and organic. It also moves through a space rock section somewhat akin to that of Ozric Tentacles. The chorus is quite catchy as well. They manage to keep their core sound intact without sounding truly dated, infusing instead with a more modern feel.

Sagacity is their second album with the original singer back in the fold after a five year absence and will be released on June 27th, and Saga will be touring Europe in support of their new album.

Quelle: http://www.themonolith.com/music/new-music-saga-let-slide/

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