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3 nice fotos from the meet and greet in Munich 2001
More fotos from the acoustic-promotions-tour in Munich 2001
Concert-review from the show in Munich 2001

Great news: The 25th Anniversary-Show is in Bonn / Germany (Museumsplatz) on 22. June

Some newer photos from Stuttgart 1999 - Full Circle Tour

Some really old pics from Tickets Suhl 1983, taken from the same video!

New Interview (Summer 2001) with Michael from "Eclipsed"

Articles from 2001: German Translation of the concert in Puerto Rico, an interview with Jim Crichton from "Empire" and an interview with Steve Negus from "Sticks"

And again more fantastic Tickets from 1990, 1997, 1999, 2001

Some new old Tickets from 1981, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1999

In the last months I received lots of old stuff from some fans. I will try to do the awaited updates the next few weeks.

Lets start with a special tea-sort from Poland

Sorry, but the Forum is temporarily not available. The Server is down because of some Hardwareproblems. We hope to bring it online again tomorrow.

The SAGA Germany Fanpage is now also available at :-)

Darryl's Solo Project can be ordered at Susi.
New CDs - Price: 5 DM :-)
James Gerrard Gilmour
Instrumental Encounters
SPV 084-46652

Mail to Susi

Special: various new Images of T-Shirts and Caps

Promotion: Various new Tour Posters

Guest Appearance: Sheela

Concert Review 1997, Anniversary Tour Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

Concert Review SOF Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

CD Tip Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

Fotos from Sound of Frankfurt at Juli, 7th 2001

Links to the Support Acts from 1978 to 2001

German and US Chart Rankings since 1982

Ladies and gentlemen here it is:
the new design of "SAGA Germany", worked out by Susi Gieron, a die-hard saga-fan since 1980. She offered to revise the homepage in a professionell way some weeks ago and now you can see the great result.
She added several new features ("Chat, Forum, Discography, Lyrics, Chapters") which complete the homepage to a comprehensive archives where nearly everything can be found.
We hope you enjoy the new homepage and you'll meet again, maybe at the first chat-session.

Yours Martin Frey

Review Morbach, Pratteln 2001
At Empire you can order the CD from Rudy Butas, where Michael Sadler appears as guest-singer. Search for "r.u.d.y."

In the near future "SAGA Germany" will be re-designed by Susi Gieron.
The new page will contain also a Chat, a Fan-Forum, and the Discografie with all lyrics.
Ticket and article from Lahr

Rheinpfalz Online: Review Mannheim 2001
Articles: Tübingen 95, Essen 90, Rock am Ring 92, Musix 4/01, Böblingen 90,
Pics from Stuttgart 2001

Pics from Munich
Review Stuttgart: Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Esslinger Nachrichten
Ticket Rock am Ring 1992

HOC-Review from Bielefeld "PC 69"
Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Inteview Jim Gilmour

I have received some articles from "Kieler Nachrichten": 1983 , 1986 , 2001
There is another interesting German homepage: Progressive-World

News from the recordings in Cologne
New Germany SAGA Homepage "SAGA Welt"
A 1 minute audio clip from the new (Canadian release only) track "So Good So Far", is available in Real Audio in SAGALAND

SAGA on TV: Dortmund 1982 - 3 SAT, 14. April, 13.35 - 14.00
Review Verviers / Belgien
Tickets Stuttgart 1980, 1982, Würzburg 1982
News from the Ice-hockey hymn - Download available

The Fanmeeting will take place in "Muffathalle-Cafe". Click for details !
Review Saarbrücken: Rheinpfalz Online, Frankenpost, Westfälische Rundschau / Thanks to Wolfgang Bielen, Ralf Widmann
Rheinpfalz Online: Interview Jim Gilmour / Ralf Widmann

Setliste Saarbrücken Interviews 2001: Breakout, Metalhammer, Heavy / Thanks to Willi Moelck
HOC: Review WOM, Review Metalhammer, Promo 2, Promo 3 / Thanks to Willi Moelck
Saarbrücker Zeitung: Interview with M. Sadler / Thanks to Ralf Widmann, Wolfgang Bielen
Kölner Rundschau: More Details of the upcoming ice-hockey-hymn / Thanks to Ralf Widmann

Michael Sadler sings the Hymn of ice-hockey championship 2001 / Thanks again to Ralf Widmann

Article about the new single "Money Talks / Don´t Give" Up from Rheinpfalz Online / Thanks to Ralf Widmann
House Of Cards isn´t any longer in the Top 100 in Germany

Great news: It is cofirmed that SAGA will take part in the Fanmeeting for 1 hour. The beginning is 15.00 cet. Details about the pub will follow very soon. / Thanks to Mike "King" Ellis

Rank 93 for House Of Cards in week 4

While I was phoning with Heinz from GEG I think SAGA did rehearsals for "The Runaway"
Setliste Holzkirchen 1996 / Thanks to Alex Rudolf

Review Behaviour; Promotion Beginners Guide; Review Melodic Rock Nacht 90 Gemünden / Thans to Ralf Loeschner
Michael Sadler on vocal of the solo-cd from Rudi Buttas (PUR) / Thanks to Ralf Widmann

I have added lots of Tickets from 82, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99 / Thanks to Ralf Loeschner

HOC-Review from Rock Hard and / Thanks to - yes you guess it: Ralf Widmann
Article from Musix 3/2001 / Thanks to Heidi Wirl
Biografie from

HOC-Review from "Rheinlandpfalz Online" / Thanks to Ralf Widmann
Fotos from "meet & greet" in Hamburg / Thanks to Willi Moelck

Setlist from the concert in San Juan - 24.02.2001
I have added several german city-maps for a better tour-routing

HOC-Reviews from CMM, Musicscene, Cellesche Zeitung, Hinter-net / Thanks to Ralf Widmann

See the new video "Money Talks" at SPV / Thanks to Michael Wesseling
Hear the acoustic-set from "WDR 2" again on Sunday, 25.02. at 20.00 cet (Soundfiles) / Thanks to Holger Laatzke
HOC-Review from "Breakout" / Thanks to Ralf Widmann
HOC-Review and Interview from "Metalheart" / Thanks to Willi Moelck
Fotos from "meet & greet" in Munich / Thanks to Andreas Wegner

HOC-Review from RTL 2 / Thanks to Markus Grillwitzer
Ticket from Hamburg 2001 / Thanks to Willi Moelck
HOC-article from Musix / Thanks to Willi Moelck
Saga played in the accoustic-set on" WDR 2" three songs: Money Talks, Wind Him Up, The Security Of Illusion.
The accoustic-set on the promotion-tour in Munich was: The Security Of Illusion, Money Talks, Time´s Up

Hear the accoustic-set on "WDR 2" tonight at 22.00 cet. The show is called "Roxy" / Thanks to Stefan Drees

Parts from the interview at "Rockantenne Munich" will be broadcast today and in the next days.

SAGA are doing a radio-promotion-tour. Here are the radio-stations where they are giving interviews. More details will follow. / Thanks to Dennis Wendig from SPV
HOC - Promotion from "Breakout" / Thanks to Willi Moelck

HOC - Review from Media Markt - Magazine / Thanks to Andreas Wegner
HOC - Teaser (limited free cd with songparts) from Media Markt - ask in Media Markt for it / Thanks to Andreas Wegner
Rumours that "Amon Ra" will support "SAGA" are not true. Heinz from G.E.G confirmed that only "Arena" is the support-act.

2 Tickets from 1983 - Thanks to Ralf Löschner

HOC-Review form german magazine "Empire" - Thanks to Alex Rudolf
Just for fun: Instrumental parts from "How Long", "Starting All Over", "You Were Never Alone"and "Wildest Dreams" were used as background-music in "Volle Kanne Susanne (ZDF) " - a german telecast - on 30.01.01

There are plans to organize a FAN-MEETING in Munich on 15th April 2001- Click for more details
HOC-Review from Sat 1; a german TV-Station
"AURA", the new ASIA - Album will be released at 12.02.2001

Tourdates & Links from ARENA , ASIA

In "Hammer", a german magazine, is "House Of Cards" in a studio report titled as a "straight flash" - a superb critic "Breakout", also a german magazine, write that the new Album from ASIA called "AURA" - with Ian on guitar - will appear at the end of January

HOC-Reviews in german from Heiko Volkert, Willi Moelck, Martin Frey

Merry Christmas to all SAGA-Fans all over the world
Tracklisting & Cover from "House Of Cards"
Pictures from Softworks
Portrait of all Bandmembers

You´ll Never Walk Alone (Festival der Lilie), performed by Michael Sadler available at SV Darmstadt 98 / Found by Alex Rudolf



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