Mike Thorne Interview - Meet Saga's New Drummer

1. Mike, congratulations as becoming Saga's new drummer! Are you excited?
Thorne: Oh, I'd say so, yes! I can't wait to actually play with the band; they seem really cool and easy-going, and accepted me in the band without even an audition! Since it was officially announced, I've been flooded with welcoming greetings from just about everyone I've ever known and half the Saga fans around the world. It's a bit overwhelming, but exciting nonetheless!

2. Is this your first interview as Saga's new drummer?
Thorne: Yes it is. Aren't you lucky!:)

3. We sure are and we thank you for it! Tell us a bit about you, where are you from, when did you start drumming, what bands have you played with before?
Thorne: I was born at the age of zero & raised in Scarborough (Ed Note: Scarborough is the eastern most part of Toronto and where Wayne (Mike Myers) from the movie Wayne's World would rock out), have been playing since I was six, and have played with far too many bands to include here, but some fun times with Diamond Zye, The Dayjob Orchestra, The Ozzyborn's, Endless Summer, John Baldry, The Drifters, as well as lots of recording. I've also done lots of work with video and audio, and music and voices for radio & TV. I've also been a drum instructor for most of my life.

4. What are your top 3 favorite Saga tunes?
Thorne: The Perfectionist, Humble Stance & Corkentellis.

Mike Thorne - Saga's Drummer
5. How did you find out you were selected as the new drummer?
Thorne: I got a call from Ian asking if I was good with the tour dates.

6. Were you involved with Saga's upcoming album 20/20 at all?
Thorne: Not at all. In fact, I haven't heard any of it yet!

7. What are your favorite rock bands (and you can't say Saga)?
Thorne: If you can call all these "rock" bands...Rush, Yes, Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, The Police, Toto, Trilok Gurtu, ELP, Van Halen, Max Webster, Genesis, Shakti.

8. Any word on when the first concert we will see you live at is?
Thorne: July 7th at the Prog Rock Festival in Loreley, Germany.

9. Mike, thank you so much for your time, any closing words for all the Saga fans out there?
Thorne: Yes! You all have great taste in music, and I'll see you at the show.

Mike thanks again for talking to us and we look forward to seeing you live in your home town of Toronto. I think it is very clear from Mike's answers that he is a great guy and he will make the most of this opportunity he rightfully earned. We leave you with one of Mike's YouTube audition videos: 




Quelle: http://www.tmakworld.com/2012/04/mike-thorne-interview-meet-sagas-new.html


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